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Showcasing His Astonishing Legacy

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The Catalogue of Works includes printed and unprinted, completed and unfinished, surviving as well as lost works. It lists original compositions as well as arrangements made by Healey Willan. Not covered are the contents of four red-covered manuscript books containing sketches mainly of known works, and about 200 pages of unidentified sketches and fragments, all in the possession of the National Library of Canada.

Order of Listing
A chronological order, by date of publication or, whenever possible, by date of completion, is followed within each of 17 main categories of composition. This is deemed the most practical arrangement for the many users who may wish to select and study specific types of compositions. Undated but completed compositions precede the chronological order; judging from the appearance of the manuscripts and printed editions most of these are early works. Unfinished works are placed at the end of each section. Arrangements of the music of other composers are interspersed with original works except in the case of organ pieces and hymn harmonizations. Since many works are based on previously existing tunes or compositions, a clear-cut separation of original and arranged works would be difficult to make.

Details Provided
Where applicable and available, details are provided in the following order:
REFERENCE NUMBER to facilitate cross-references.
IDENTIFICATION indicating title, subtitle, key (where helpful), first line of text (generally in single movement works only) and other pertinent information. A title in quotation marks is also the first line of the text.
AUTHORSHIP of words and of arranged or edited music; names of collaborators. “Liturgical” refers to words which are part of any liturgical service, even though such texts may ultimately have a biblical source.
• ANALYTICAL DETAILS such as scoring, names or the main tempo indications for individual movements and, where available, approximate duration in minutes. The figures given for orchestral works reveal the number of flutes – oboes – clarinets – bassoons/horns – trumpets – trombones – tubas. Whenever a woodwind figure is underlined, the last player performs or alternates on piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet or contrabassoon. “SATB (div.)” indicates that the individual voices have a considerable amount of divided work, although simple spreading of final chords is not so described. “SSAATTBB” indicates 8 vocal parts, while “SATB/SATB” implies that the spatial effect of two choirs is desirable.
• HISTORICAL NOTES giving date of composition, information about origin, dedication, first performance and relationship to other Willan compositions. The dates are taken from the holograph, the last page of many printed editions or from secondary sources. Where the composer has indicated the day as well as the month and year, this is taken to indicate the day of completion.
• HOLOGRAPH or, when nothing else exists, manuscript copy. “NL of C” refers to the National Library of Canada, Ottawa. Manuscripts which are only partly in Willan’s handwriting are described as holographs. Numbers refer to pages with musical notation only. The loss or destruction of a holograph has been noted only in certain special cases such as works listed in the composer’s own catalogues. It should be noted that some publishers such as the Frederick Harris Music Company and Concordia Publishing House have destroyed composers’ manuscripts as a matter of management policy.
PUBLICATION The letter “c” before a year indicates copyright. Needless to state, some publications are out-of-print. A list of publishers’ addresses can be found here.
RECORDINGS Further details are provided in the list on pages 135-143. “CBC P.A.T.” refers to CBC Program Archives, Toronto.
• SCORE AVAILABLE either for purchase or available through library loan from the Canadian Music Centre
• VIDEO of a performance of the composition when available.




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