Chansons canadiennes, vol. 1

Chansons canadiennes, vol. 1

HWC 743

Overview: (French-Canadian folk songs)
Authorship: Healey Willan
Composition Date: 1929
Scored For: Voice and Piano
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages: 35
Notes About Music:
Collected by Marius Barbeau, English words by Paul England, arr. by H. Willan
1. “Sainte Marguerite”
2. “Isabeau s’y promène” (“Isabeau went a-walking”)
3. “La petite hirondelle” (“O sweet little swallow”) (Ronde)
4. “Laquelle marienons-nous?” (“Now Who Will Marry Me?”) (Ronde)
5. “Rossignol du vert bocage” (“Bird of Love”)
6. “Faites-moi un homme sans tête” (A Man Like That!)
7. Le Navire de Bayonne (Lisbon Bay)
8. Au bois du rossignolet (The Myrtle Bower)
9. “Si j’étais petite mère” (Little Mother)
10. C’est là mon doux plaisir (The Wedding Day)
11. “D’où viens-tu bergère?” (“Whence come you, Good Shepherd?”)
12. La Fontaine est profonde (Phyllida at the Well)
Holograph: N/A
Publication: London, Oakville, F. Harris, ©1929. 35 p. Reprinted (1979) in one volume with HWC 744. Published separately: “Sainte-Marguerite,” London, Oakville, F. Harris, ©1928. 2 p. For other arrangements of “Sainte Marguerite,” “Bird of Love,” “D’où viens-tu bergère?,” Le Navire de Bayonne and “Si j’étais petite mère” see Index.
Recordings: 1 and 6: Non-commercial recording (CBC SM 144).
Video: N/A
Score Available: N/A

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  • Scored For: Voice and Piano



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