Five Preludes on Plainchant Melodies

Five Preludes on Plainchant Melodies

HWC 157

Overview: Organ Music - Original Work
Authorship: Healey Willan
Composition Date: Completed 1950.
Scored For: Organ
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages: 20 p.
Notes About Music: Dedicated to Dr. Charles Peaker. First performed St. Paul’s, Toronto, 14 October 1950, played by C. Peaker.
Track Listing:
   1. Aeterna Christi munera, from Guidetti’s Directorium Chori. (1582). Matins Office Hymn for
       Apostles and Evangelists
   2. Christe, Redemptor omnium. Matins Office Hymn for Christmas Day
   3. Ecce jam noctis. Lauds Office Hymn for Sundays
   4. Ave maris stella. Vesper Office Hymn for BVM. 2 ¼ minutes.
   5. Urbs Hierusalem beata [Urbs beata Hierusalem]. Processional. Matins and Vesper Office Hymn for Dedication Festival. 3 ¾ minutes.

Publication: Toronto, Oxford University Press, ©1951. 20 p.
Copyright assigned (1973) to Chanteclair Music, a division of Gordon V. Thompson Ltd.
Recordings: 2: Non-commercial recording (CBC P.A.T. 66818-2; CMC 425).
4 and 5: Commercial recording (Columbia, Canada, ML 6198 and MS 6798).
5: Commercial recording (VISTA VPS 1006).
Score Available:  Biretta Books


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  • Scored For: Organ



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