Healey Willan Song Albums, No 2

Healey Willan Song Albums, No 2

HWC 737

Overview: Songs
Authorship: Healey Willan
Composition Date: 1926
Scored For: Medium Voice and Piano
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages: 5
Notes About Music:
1.”Music, When Soft Voices Die”
Words by P. B. Shelley
Completed 23 June 1914
2. Cashel of Munster
“I would wed you dear, without gold or gear”
Words by Edward Walsh
Completed 13 December 1913
3. Shamrocks
“I wear a shamrock in my heart”
Words by Rosa Mulholland
Completed 13 December 1913
4. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
“I will arise and go now”
Words by W. B. Yeats
5. To an Isle in the Water
“Shy one, shy one, shy one of my heart”
Words by W. B. Yeats
6. A Fairy Tale
“With sword at side, on his charger good”
Words by Norah M. Holland
Holograph: NL of C. 1. 2 p.; 3. 3 p.
Publication: London, Oakville, F. Harris, ©1926. 26 p. Reprinted (1979) in one volume with HWC 736. Published separately: 3. in E major and G major, each 5 p.; 6. 9 p.; 3. reissued by Boston Music Co., ©1929 in E major and G major, each 5 p.
Recordings: 4: Non-commercial recording (CBC SM 144).

Score Available: N/A

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  • Scored For: Voice and Piano



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