“O Lord, Our Governour”

“O Lord, Our Governour”

HWC 358

Overview: Words from Psalms 8, v. 1; 84, v. 9; 17, v. 5; 61, v. 6; 21, v. 6; 20, v. 9.
Authorship: Healey Willan
Composition Date: 9 December 1952
Scored For: SATB and Organ
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages:
Notes About Music: Written as one of the Homage Anthems at the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For version with orchestral accompaniment see HWC 056.
Holograph: N/A
Original Publication: London, Novello & Co., c1953. SATB and [organ], 7 p. Short anthem series 315. Also published in The Music… at the Coronation of… Queen Elizabeth II… Ibid., 1953, p. 95.
Current Publication: Biretta Books
Recordings: Commercial recording (Vista VPS 1053).
Where to Purchase: Biretta Books

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  • Scored For: SATB and Organ



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