HWC 082
Completed and revised 1930. Rewritten for string orchestra in 1959.

Overview: Orchestra
Authorship: Healey Willan
Composition Date: Composed as the Adagio (unfinished) of the String Quartet (HWC 109) ca. 1903-1905. Completed and revised 1930 (HWC 102). Rewritten for string orchestra in 1959.
Scored For: String Orchestra
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages: Full score, 15 p.
Notes About Music: First performed 3 May 1960, Eaton Auditorium, Toronto, York Concert Society conducted by Heinz Unger.
Holograph: Berandol. Full score, 15 p. NL of C. Unfinished full score, 3 p. (54 bars).
Publication: Scarborough, Berandol. Score and parts on rental.
Recordings: Non-commercial recording (CBC P.A.T.-640712-1; CMC 150).
Score Available: Contact the Healey Willan Society; healeywillansociety@gmail.com

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  • Scored For: String Orchestra



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