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The Healey Willan Interview

In the summer of 1967 Alec Wyton recorded an interview with Healey Willan. This far-reaching conversation traces Willan's amazing career through seven decades. Be sure to listen to track 3 (politically incorrect, funny and spot-on).

Special thanks to Wayne Hileman and Candlewood Digital Studios for the digital sound conversion from the original analog tape.

Willan recalls his chorister audition at St. Saviour, Eastbourne in 1889.
Choir boy days, from probationer to a very young director.
Discipline and a homorous tale of a less-than-musical early colleague.
Early private organ studies in London
Accompanying at St. Saviour's. Willan & Wyton recall their pranks on organists.
Returning to Saviour in 1935
Willan's exhaustive counterpoint studies, prompted by idle time while sick. Affiliations with the Royal College of Organists
More on RCO exams.
Exam standards & a funny audition story.

Musical London at the turn of the twentieth century, focusing on orchestral conductors.

Philosophical discussion on technique and interpretation.

Willan recounts his first meeting with Hungarian conductor Arthur Nikisch.

Further Discussion of Nikisch and other conductors.

An amusing encounter with Sir Edward Elgar

Organ actions, mechanics and musicianship.

Students and the state of teaching music.

Advice for teachers. Thoughts on improving the teaching of music

Hearing from old students, including the Governor General's wife.

Film “Man of Music” and conclusion.

WFMT Music in Chicago and
Anniversary Concert In the Heavenly Kingdom

WFMT Music in Chicago segment which aired on March 30, 2018 showcasing selections from March 11, 2018 anniversary concert, In the Heavenly Kingdom, featuring the music of Healey Willan and Ralph Vaughan Willams. Also included are additional tracks from the concert. The music was recorded at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago. Performance by the St. Cecilia Choir conducted by Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC. Corrado Cavalli Organist.

WFMT radio segment
The St. Cecilia Choir of St. John Cantius Church sings Vaughan Willams Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Healey Willan's Epilogue for Organ Solo and Rise Up My Love.

Healey Willan’s Prelude And Fugue In C Minor

Healey Willan’s Fair In Face

Healey Willan's Gloria Deo Per Immensa Saecula

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Program Archives, Toronto

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Talks by Healey Willan

Healey Willan discusses the 1946 production of Deirdre (30) with illustrations on the piano.

An introduction to the b minor Mass by J. S. Bach.

Tribute to Healey Willan on his 75th birthday. (Speakers include Healey Willan, Sir Adrian Boult, Easson Humphreys, Ernest Morgan and Sir William McKie).

Healey Willan discusses Deirdre (HWC030a).

John Coulter and members of the cast discuss Deirdre (HWC030a).

Healey Willan and Harry Somers discuss the Sonata for Violin and Piano in e minor (HWC100).

86 and Not Out
Healey Willan. Interview TV, 1966.

There are also recorded interviews with Healey Willan by Godfrey Ridout – Tape 5598 and by Horace Lapp – Tape 5616.



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